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"To become the most innovative Health & Beauty distribution company in Europe." 

- Albert Roger, CEO & Founder



  • To unlock the potential of brands in the largest Health & Beauty Market in Europe.

  • To attract new audiences into B&M stores and online, via innovative trade marketing, merchandising and social media solutions that drive engagement and footfall, building loyalty and sustainable growth.

  • We help consumers to get the best products at the right price, online and in store, with a pro-planet vision

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A multi-lingual, multi-cultural team of people with knowledge and expertise gained over many years in the health & cosmetics retail sector at your disposal. We are much more than a full service beauty distributor, It is our mission to help our brands grow, develop and thrive.

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"The beauty industry has seen radical change - we have seen the beautification and disruption of so many categories, along with digitalization.  Our retailing partners trust us to bring the brands which keep them relevant to new emerging consumer groups."

- Albert Roger

CEO & Founder

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"Brexit has been challenging but luckily our set up meant we could navigate those changes with minimal disruption. Having a multilingual team just made that process even smoother!"

- Guillaume Bakouch

Director AR France

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"So much great innovation out there!  With solid advice from labelling, to pricing, to consumer trends that our innovation can turn into a European success story!”

- Emma Gerrard

Purchasing Manager

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"Being trend led is part of our DNA and something we are hugely proud of!  We can bring news,   excitement and innovation to both the retailer and the consumer."

Timothy Walcot

 Vice President Business Development

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"Amazon and marketplaces present such a big opportunity if executed correctly, or a real threat to the success of a brand if not."

- Alberto Boscan

Business Digitalist

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"A solid communication plan is essential for a successful marketing strategy – especially in the digital age – consumers want to know what you stand for."

- Victoria Blair

Communications Manager, Europe

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"Best practice is so important! Brexit brought increased bureaucracy, paperwork and thus cost. We already had the right set up to keep control of those costs and not impact negatively on operations."

- Roger Butt

Group Finance Manager

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"Working intrinsically together covering all of UK and Europe, our operations hub lies at the heart of executing sales. Each member of the Operations team is dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ needs where the impossible is possible."

- Jo Blacker

Head of Operations

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"An exciting trade marketing plan, adapted for differing markets ensures our brands remain relevant and in demand through the key trading periods and beyond."

- Maria Aguirre

Trade Marketing Manager

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"Every retailer is different,  we design tailored solutions for displaying the best brand assortment in store and making sure that assortment stays up to date and relevant for all consumers. "

- Arnau Roger

Merchandising and Store Support Manager 

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James Jardella

Sales Director UK & Ireland

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Virginia Bohorquez

 Social Media Manager

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Operations & Sales Executive

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Debra Butt

Office Manager

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Agathe Guirao

Operations & Sales Executive


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- Angela Gonzalez Rojo

Sales & Operations Executive Spain

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Marco Fernandes

Planning & Business Intelligence Manager

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